Medicine Making Immersion

Take your health into your own hands by learning some of the most traditional uses for plants in this 6 week live herbalism course. Covering over 20 different plants and their medicinal uses, we will learn how to make remedies and medicines that nurture our bodies, spirits, and hearts. With this in-depth and convenient class located at Upward Spiral Center in Seminole Heights, you will feel confident being able to make teas, tinctures, salves, oils, first aid sprays, and more to enhance the well being of yourself, your friends, and your family.


Weekly Take Aways

We believe in a hands on approach, live demos, and weekly treats! Included in the price are all the herbs we will need to learn and all the remedies. This way, you don't have to go out and buy everything yourself. Every week you will get to take home the different products that we create which include:

Personalized Tea Blends, Detoxification Formulas, & Digestive Support Blends

Fire Cider & Elderberry Syrup Cold Care Remedies

Rose,  Chamomile, & Other Flower Elixirs

Medicinal Honeys & Oils 

First Aid Salves, All Purpose Healing Sprays, & The Beginning of Your Natural First Aid Kit

Self-Care Tools like Facial Grains, Smudge Sprays, Yoni Steam Blends







You have ever been interested in a more natural way of living and are ready to connect to the natural world.

You have been feeling called by the plants. 

You are ready to consciously begin your healing journey with the plants that have been used as healing tools for thousands of years.

You are ready to be the change you wish to see in your life and surroundings. 

You are ready to invest in your well being and give your mind, body, and spirit the attention it deserves. 

You are ready to take better care of yourself so that you can take better care of others and be of service to the world




  • Early Bird: $220 
  • Regular Price: $250 

 Our price includes hands on medicine tutorials, samples herbs, access to our Kitchen Witch Facebook Group, course handbook, and course guidance by herbalist Kristen Prosen.





Upward Spiral Center | 6718 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33604


We have answers! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information. We are ready and available to walk you through the experience ofmaking this amazing and life changing decision. 

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