Another year is coming to an end, and a challenging year that most people I know are gladly releasing. How will you close 2016? 

I myself find the turn of the year to be a very sacred time for my practice. It is an opportunity to reflect on all that I accomplished in my work, practice, and life. It's also an opportunity to decide what I plan to do with the year ahead.

In the last few years I have moved away from the typical, vague "lose weight, find love, blah blah" resolutions and moved towards softer desires and goals.


  • Take more naps (check)
  • Meet & Study with Rosemary Gladstar (check)
  • Go to 2 herbal conferences (check)


  • Go on a road trip with my dog (check)
  • attend 3 herbal conferences on the east coast (check)
  • start a business (check)
  • practice not allowing my past emotional habits to interfere with my present relationships (check-ish :: this is a lifetime journal as it turns out)

In 2017, I am doing more of the same.

My top intentions for this upcoming year:

  • Meditate EVERYDAY
  • Increase interoceptive awareness (ie Live in my body rather than in my mind 
  • Adopt a more sattvic diet appropriate for my dosha
  • Enroll in massage school
  • Write a new online yoga program that can be turned into a private yoga program & a book!
  • Send out a newsletter every New & Full Moon {I’m getting a head start on this one NOW because I believe how I spend the days around the turn of the year is an indication of what I will be doing for the year to come}

You see, the thing is that the new year comes right on the heels of the winter solstice. This is challenging because winter is a season where bio-rythmically we, as animals,  SLOW DOWN. Winter is the time where we stop doing so much WORK and go into hibernation. We store extra fat, we sleep extra, and we prepare ourselves for spring. And perhaps you have been feeling it: the desire to sleep an extra hour, feeling really tired and heavy, the need to cuddle up with a good book or your netflix account. 

With that in mind, I invite you to softly bring in the new year, to rearrange your tendency to be goal & detail oriented for the next few months and to let your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS become 2017 INTENTIONS. It's a simple switch. 

My favorite part about this practice is that I get to make a list of what I want to ACCOMPLISH and DO in the coming year vs. what I want to change immediately. It creates a sense of ease for me as I enter into this exciting time of traveling inward. It's always fun to return to the list at the end of the year and see what I've accomplished!

Then again: If New Years Intentions aren’t your thing, try a NEW MOON ritual to plant seeds during this dark time of the disappeared moon. If you are linked with the moon cycles, the new moon is a lovely quiet time to set new intentions for the coming month. The following serves as a wonderful practice that you can do for either the new year or the next month and I encourage you to return to it every new moon (don't worry I will remind you).



 Photo Source

Photo Source

STEP 1: 

  • create some quiet time for yourself. Make a cup of herbal tea, put on your most comfy relaxation clothes and curl up in your favorite chair or in your bed


  • make a list of 10 wishes that you have for the next month. What do you want to see come to fruition
  • be very mindful of how you word these wishes. Be sure they are statements in the present tense and SPECIFIC!
    • I am easily making dietary choices in alignment with my weight goals VS I want to lose weight
    • I am easily finding myself supporting other women and being supported by other women VS I want to have more female friends. 
    • I am easily arriving on my yoga mat for 15 minutes every morning VS I want to practice more asana
    • I am easily seeing my corporate yoga business grow VS I want more clients
  • It helps to write these on a beautiful piece of paper or where you will have access to them so that you can see your progress on the coming full moon. 

STEP 3: 

  • Put this list somewhere you will be able to find it during the next full moon. I suggest a beautiful piece of stationary that is posted on your bathroom, on your altar, or on your fridge (somewhere you will see it and be reminded of the sacred work you are doing).


  • make this time as sweet and soft as you desire by lighting candles, burning incense, drawing some cards, or using whatever tools of empowerment speak to you
  • this new moon work of planting seeds of focus and intention for the upcoming month can be done within 3 days of the moon
  • remember that all over the world there are people using this sacred monthly time to create change in their lives so your dreams and wishes are linking up with all the dreams and wishes of people all over.

Be sure to comment and share with us some of your intentions! Until we meet again, please have a happy and safe NEW YEAR, have a joyous NEW MOON, and if you can, join us at SATTVA YOGA SEMINOLE HEIGHTS for our NEW YEARS CEREMONY complete with journaling, spirtual cleansing, sacred plant medicine, and loving community. Invite some sacredness into 2017. 

From the dove of my heart, 

:: Kristen ❤️