STUDENT INTERVIEW: Keely Keller Williams


'17 Summer Immersion

1.)   What lead you to yoga?

I first took a yoga class as a way to cross-train for marathon training. I was hooked after the first class- I had never come out of a run or workout like I did that class. It gave me such a wonderful feeling to both my body and mind!


2.)  Why did you join Yoga Viva's Yoga Teacher Training?

 I must have reviewed over 50 programs before I joined the Yoga Viva's YTT group. The course description really resonated with me, I liked what the website/blog had to say and it was financially accessible. I thought that it would provide a nurturing environment for welcoming this exciting change in my life- it has! :)


3.)  What are you intentions?

 My intentions are to continue forward in learning in hopes of culminating a dramatic lifestyle change. I'm also aspiring to hold a few weekly classes in a small space, as a community outreach. Lakshmi💕


4.) Anything you want future or current yoga students to know?

Dive in!