JANUARY :: Things We Love.


Everyone has their personal tools of empowerment: little prayers, stones, books, herbal allies, and more. A tool of empowerment is anything that offers you support be it on a regular basis or a limited set of time. Here are a list of the sweet little gifts from the world that held The Yoga Viva team together this last month. 


Flower Mandalas

I’ve been incorporating these more and more into my practice over the last few years. I have even begun teaching workshops on how to create them and commune with spirit as a practice for opening to the gift that the plant world is giving us. They are one of my favorite ways to honor both the plants and my spirit. Sometimes I put deep intentions and prayers into each one and sometimes I simply let energy move through me. I love how it always shows me something about myself that I may be unable to access otherwise. 

THREADS OF YOGA by Matthew Remski

This is a refreshing perspective on the yoga sutras. It’s so rare that you find any commentary or translation on how we study the sutra’s and very rarely are the sutra’s so eloquently critiqued AND revered. I am just loving Remski’s writing lately. 

Saraswati Meditations

It took me a long time to develop the courage to work with Saraswati. She is the goddess one prays to for creativity, knowledge, and wisdom. I have been working with her to increase my ability to speak my truth and connect my spirit to my words. Chanting her mantra in the mornings when I prepare to write, work on class sequences, or workshops floods me with love and an active inspiration!

Handmade Consciousness Journals

Every year I make one of these that I use in my morning practice to keep track of my mental progress and to write prayers in. It’s very special to hold a book that you made yourself and one that isn’t used for lists or planning your day but that is solely for notes from the heart. I love using heavy card stock and big pages of construction paper. There is something so intentional and innocent about it. This is my 4th one. Learn how to make one here

Goddess Cards

Oracle cards of any kind are really speaking to me lately as a tool to bring some more sacred energy into each yoga teacher training session. I don’t use them for guidance as much as I used in my personal practice but I certainly love assigning groups based on goddesses. This deck by Michael Babcock with artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet is particularly potent, informative, and breathtakingly beautiful. 

What are some of your tools of empowerment that you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you!