Practice REST :: Sequences for January

If you have been coming to class, you will see that we work with a similar sequence all month! We are emphasizing moving slowly and with precision in our asana classes to go along with our theme of REST.

70 Minute Active REST playlist and sequence to get EVERYTHING changing.

  • Make sure to emphasize external rotation of the upper arms & internal rotation of the femurs in all your forward faving hips
  • move with the breath! The movement is initiated on the inhale and ends at the base of the inhale & the next movement is initiated on the exhale and ends at the base of the exhale. If there is a pause in the breath, there is a pause in the movement. I suggest a breathing pattern of 4:2:5:2 (inhale for 4 counts, pause for 2, exhale for 5 counts, pause for 2)
  • Stay in savasana for as long as you need your nervous system to settle. You will know when it happens. If you aren't sure, keep relaxing. 
  • Stay aware of your movement patterns. How are you moving from pose to pose. Can you be more mindful as you move? Can you explore moving in new ways? 
  • If you get stuck for what to listen to, don't worry. I've curated the music for you

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a 45 minute Restorative Sequence & curated music to get you relaxing.

  • this is above all about relaxation. If you feel any strains in the muscles or the bones, grab some more pillows, blocks, or blankets. Here we are simply supporting the body so that it may relax fully
  • I recommend setting the lights low, removing distractions, and really letting your body rest for this practice. Set a timer so that you don't fall asleep. I recommend the insight timer with the DENZGE chime that goes off every 5 minutes. 
  • Again, I have curated the music. Think of this class as one long Savasana!

Want to request a sequence? Send us an email and we will make it happen!