Jodi Ross

'17 Summer Immersion Student

What lead you to yoga?

I have always been drawn to things that cultivate spirituality and connection with other living things. I was introduced to yoga at a young age growing up in Colorado, and at first, I used it as a practice to increase my strength and flexibility for dance. As I really dove into my practice, I realized that the aspect of stillness was one that was missing from my life and really craving. I found a huge connection in meditation and pranayama, or breathing, as things that I really needed in my life.

Why YTT?

I wanted to bring the things that I have experienced and learned to others. I just finished graduate school and am in a state of transition and needed something that I could really have to give me a sense of purpose this summer. The Summer Immersion YTT was the perfect option for me to have something meaningful and grounding in my life while everything else seems uncertain. I love that YTT is giving me the philosophical, anatomical, and practical foundations to deepen my own practice and develop the skills and knowledge to teach others.

What are your intentions?

My greatest intention right now is to cleanse my life of anything that is harmful to my physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Let's Talk About DISCERNMENT.

Let's Talk About DISCERNMENT.

There is a concept in yoga called VIVEKA (viv-ek-uh). This translates almost directly into discernment. Essentially, it is the ability to choose right from wrong, too little from too much, and helpful from non helpful. We have an interesting paradigm of understanding yoga philosophy in the west in that we often intellectualize the Yoga Sutras rather than really understanding them from our heart space.