Our Mission

Here at The Yoga Viva, we aim to offer as many resources as possible for you to breathe fully, relax deeply, & heal from the root up. We offer online and in-person group study programs, weekly herbalism & yoga classes, group trainings, and monthly inspiration & guidance. We are a cooperative of teachers, students, and activists with the goal of expanding the face of yoga in the west and reaching as many people as we possibly can, and empowering people of color, LGBTQ+ community members, practitioners of differing abilities and backgrounds, and  to unravel individual + collective trauma from their nervous systems so that they may be aligned with the deepest goal of connection.

The Yoga Viva's mission is to make yoga + wellness education, teacher trainings, yoga + herbal classes, + spiritual growth experiences available to as many people as possible, regardless of race, sexual identity, economic background, religious affiliation, ability, etc.  We seek to continuously widen our circle of compassion and change the face of yoga and assist others to step into the crucial role of participating in social change. Our favorite saying: "the work you do on yourself, is the work that the world needs." 



  • Practical Alignment & Intelligent Sequencing in our Yoga
  • Traditional Ayurvedic Philosophy & Bioregional Herbalism in our Self Care
  • Contemporary Mindfulness in our Self Study
  • Unravelling Habitual Thought, Movement, & Emotional Patterns in our Daily Practice.
  • Assisting our students and clients in creating a healthy relationship + dialogue with their bodies in our Teaching Practice.
  • Diversity in our education, mentors, + spiritual community.