Here at The Yoga Viva, we aim to offer as many resources as possible for you to breathe fully, relax deeply, & heal from the root up. We offer online and in-person group study programs, weekly herbalism & yoga classes, group trainings, and monthly inspiration & guidance. We are a cooperative of teachers, students, and activists with the goal of expanding the face of yoga in the west and reaching as many people as we possibly can. 


Above all we value

  • Practical Alignment & Intelligent Sequencing in our Yoga
  • Traditional Ayurvedic Philosophy & Bioregional Herbalism in our Self Care
  • Contemporary Mindfulness in our Self Study
  • Unravelling Habitual Thought, Movement, & Emotional Patterns in our Daily Practice.
  • Assisting our students and clients in creating a healthy relationship + dialogue with their bodies in our Teaching Practice.

From our founder


Kristen and appa.png


My name is Kristen Prosen. I am the artist, yoga educator, community herbalist, and (soon to be) massage therapist behind this ever-evolving yoga & wellness lifestyle website.

THE YOGA VIVA is a resource to support & empower STUDENTS and TEACHERS to explore what the world of contemporary yoga has to offer. We want to help evolve the dedicated community that it has the potential to become. Here, we blend inclusivity, community oriented experiences, western herbalism practices from an Ayurvedic Energetic perspective, mindfulness + meditation, massage + movement therapy & so much more to offer the most accessible, intelligent, and in depth experience of yoga that can be offered.

Above all, The Yoga Viva and myself encourage you to use the practices that we share with you on this website to enter safely & courageously into your body. We understand that it is time to have the difficult conversations with your body, your community, and your habitual patterns (whether they are physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, or socially oriented).

May the practices we share gently bring you back to the true center and strip away the limiting past that we all may carry. We hope that you create a firm foundation for a more inclusive & present future. May these practices support the connection to the wellspring of unlimited joy, love, & compassion within.

May we never doubt that the work we do on ourselves is the work that the world needs. To all of you exploring the expansive boundaries at the foot of the mountain of vulnerability,

Aho & a thousand times PRANAM.